Blender beginner chronicle: couldn´t set monkey on fire

Blender beginner chronicle: couldn´t set monkey on fire

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·Sep 19, 2021·

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I recently started 3D animation and hit snag with the very first You tube tutorial video. The video gives an overview of blender and its various features including the various hot keys that make designing with blender efficient and easy to use. The instructor promises to also show how to set a monkey head on fire and does so at the end of the video.

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Pressing shift + A will open the add object window and under mesh I selected monkey to create the monkey head object shown above

Screenshot (3).png

Pressing F3 will open a search window where I searched the smoke quick effect

Screenshot (4)_LI.jpg

This creates a domain with the smoke effect being simulated inside it and to add the fire effect I selected the icon shown (the area circled in green) to change type from domain to flow

Screenshot (5)_LI_1.jpg

This removed the original smoke effect

Screenshot (6)_LI_1.jpg

I then selected the flow type drop down menu to change the effect from 'smoke' to 'fire + smoke' and played the animation but it didn't work. This is on blender version 2.93 and this is the video tutorial.

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